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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method to administer my Wave system?
-        There are three ways to administer your Wave system:

1 – Remote Desktop to the console of your Wave system.  This is by far the most popular way to administer a Wave system.  Be sure that when you are finished, you click Start / Log Off.  DO NOT ever shutdown or restart via the Windows Start Menu.

2 – You may plug in a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into the front of the Wave system for local administration.

3 – You may use Internet Explorer via your workstation to administer a Wave system.  Note that Wave is very particular about the version of Java which must be used for administration, which is why option #1 above tends to be the most popular method of administration nowadays.

What is the ENET2 port used for on the front of my Wave system?
-        ENET2 is a secondary Ethernet port and is not used with the current version of Wave.  It is reserved for future use, and we will advise all Wave customers of when and how you will be able to make use of it.

Why does the eSATA port on the front of the Wave system appear to be dead?
-        Wave uses two internal drives:  The primary/system drive is an SSD, and the secondary drive may be used for storage of voice mails and recordings.  Some customers prefer to use their own external drive for voice mails, recordings, and/or system backups.  If you would prefer to use an external drive, simply remove the lid (on an IP500) or slide out the ISC (on an IP2500) and plug in the eSATA internal cable into SATA port #2 on the motherboard.

How do I configure the network settings on my Wave system?
-        You MUST configure Wave’s network settings via the Wave Global Administrator / IP Network Settings applet.  Please do not attempt to configure Wave’s network settings via the Windows Control Panel, as doing so may cause your system to become unreachable on your network.

Why does my Wave system use multiple IP addresses?
-        Wave consists of multiple hardware and software components.  Wave’s internal hardware components talk with each other via IP networking via an internal network switch, therefore they each of these components needs its own IP address.  Note that while the system will consume multiple IP addresses, you will only ever need to access Wave on its primary IP.  The other IP addresses will be active and on your network (so be sure to reserve them for Wave only), but you will only ever access the Wave system via its primary IP.

How are Wave software updates and Windows Server security updates applied to a Wave system?
-        Vertical issues Wave software updates as well as Windows Server updates in the form of update “CAB” files.  These CAB files may include several updates rolled into one update for ease of installation.  We at True Data notify our customers of these updates on a regular basis.  It is important that you keep your Wave software subscription current so that you are always up to date with the latest software updates.

I just received my new Wave system and I’m unable to connect to it – what’s wrong?
-        It is highly unlikely that there is any problem with your system.  We pre-configure the basics of each and every Wave system, and test every port and service prior to shipment.  The most common cause of not being able to connect to your Wave system is due to an IP conflict on your network.  Verify that nothing else on your network is consuming any of the IP addresses used by your Wave system.  There is a slight learning curve when upgrading from TeleVantage to Wave, so please don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.  We are here to help!

When will Vertical move to a new operating system for my Wave server?
-        Vertical has pledged to keep the current version of Wave on an actively supported operating system.  Please be sure to keep your software subscription current to be provided with these upgrades.

What should I do for backup/spare hardware?
-        Many of our customers choose to purchase a backup system in case of a system failure.  We recommend that customers purchase a spare base chassis.  You do NOT need to purchase a duplicate set of licenses.  With Wave’s “Live Image” backup system, duplicating one system to another takes just a matter of minutes.

Do I need a ViewPoint license as I did with TeleVantage?
-        No.  With Wave, ALL users may use the ViewPoint at no additional cost – there is no longer a separate license required to use the ViewPoint on your desktop or mobile device.

How often should I restart my Wave server?
-        After the system’s initial setup, we find that most users never need to restart their Wave server, except when installing system upgrades.  Upgrades often require a restart of the system, which we outline in our upgrade guides.  Very few configuration changes in Wave (changing IP network settings, for example) will require a system restart.

Should I put Wave on my domain?
-        Unless you have a specific reason for doing so, we recommend that you leave Wave off of your domain.  Domain controllers typically pushes down security policies to other computers and servers on your network – these security policies can often prevent Wave’s (many) services from running properly.  If you do need to put Wave on your domain, please be sure that you properly configure the security policies enforced upon your Wave system.

What is an IP Gateway License?
-        These licenses were discontinued and are no longer needed with Wave 4.0+.   An IP Gateway license was required on prior versions of Wave (3.0 and earlier) when call traffic traversed between an analog or T1/PRI circuit to an IP device, or vice-versa.

Do I need a license to use the ViewPoint Softphone?
-        No.  As of Wave 4.x, you no longer need a license to us the ViewPoint built-in softphone.  Everybody with the ViewPoint may use the Softphone.

Frequently Asked Questions




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