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Wave Phones

Vertical Wave Phones from Vertical Communications are of three types - Analog, Digital and Vertical IP Phone. Read on to understand the unique features of each type of phone to choose the most suitable option for your business needs.


Analog Phones:

Wave can be combined with any non-proprietary analog phone for use. Generally customers pick an analog phone of their choice and Wave will be sending the caller ID and Message Waiting Indicator status to the phones.


Digital Phones:

Wave manufactures digital phones that are specific to the Wave system. These Vertical Phones are built with important features like device-to-device intercom paging system, super fast dial, instant response times and BLF (busy lamp fields). Customers can choose the 8 or 24-button models of Vertical Phones or opt for the cordless DECT model. The difference is that, the 8 and 24-button model do not require an exclusive power supply as the Wave system supplies the required power through RJ11 cord but the same cannot be said about the cordless Vertical Phone model. Many clients are quickly replacing their older analog setup with digital phones as the process is simple and there is no need for change of wiring.

Edge 5000 LLCD phone


IP Phones:

Just like analog phones, any non-proprietary IP phone can be used with Wave. The market has several models of IP phones and finding a suitable phone will not be a tough task. When using an IP phone from another manufacturer, customers must ensure that they have the 3rd party IP phone license. Technical experts at True Data Technology, however, recommend customers to purchase a Vertical Phone as it does not require additional programming for key mappings or network/SIP provisioning.

Vertical IP Phones are available in different models, 8-button, 24-button and an executive-level large LCD display model (the 24-button and LCD display model include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features). Each model of phone comes with the required license and offers very high value in terms of price and efficient usage. Still uncertain about which phone to choose? Call 800-331-3307 for any queries regarding Vertical Phone.






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