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Installation Troubleshooting


If the Dialogic board(s) are not detecting correctly in the Dialogic Configuration Manager – DCM you may have a resource conflict.


If you are having trouble with the Windows device driver, you can update the driver and point it to a specific location to find a driver, depending on where you installed the drivers, this will be C:\Program Files\Dialogic\DRVR – even after Windows finds the driver it will still have a question mark in the Windows device list. If it doesn’t find a driver you may not have all the necessary updates for your card. For instance if you have a D4PCIu – you will need to have Service Pack 1 and the D4PCIU update, or Feature Pack 1. If the boards still aren’t starting correctly you need to free up some resources:


  1. Reboot your computer and go into the BIOS by pressing Del or F2 at startup. All BIOS systems are different, so some terms referenced here may vary, and you may need to hunt around to find them.


  1. Typically there will be a section that says “Integrated Peripherals”, go in there and disable any hardware that is not needed such as USB, sound, secondary IDE channels, serial and parallel ports. (once you get the card working correctly you can re-enable devices if needed one by one and make sure that the driver still works.)


  1. Go into what is usually referred to as the “PnP/PCI” configuration section. Toggle the PnP (Plug n Play) OS setting (if its on – turn it off, if its off – turn it on.)


  1. Under the same “PnP/PCI” configuration section there is usually a selection that says “Reset Configuration Data” or “Reset ESCD” – enable or select yes on this.


  1. Save settings and reboot.


  1. In the Dialogic Configuration Manager go to “Action>Restore>Device Defaults” Then click “Action>Auto Detect Devices”


  1. If your board still does not detect and start correctly you may need to put it in a different PCI slot, after doing this you will want to go back into the Bios and follow Step 4 and then reboot and follow Step 6. Also remove any un-needed PCI cards.


If your BIOS does not have any of the options referenced above, and/or the Dialogic card still will not detect you may have an incompatible motherboard. Intel motherboards, or Intel chipsets are recommended, AMD is not supported.

Very rarely a Dialogic board may actually be defective and we can send them in for repair by Dialogic, regardless of warranty status. New boards have about a 1/1000 chance of being defective, and have a 3 year warranty.


If you lost or damaged your driver disk you can download them for free from the Dialogic website:


You may be required to setup an account/username, but this is still free.


SR5.1.1 and Service Pack 1 are the minimum recommendations.


A list of detailed Dialogic documentation from Dialogic can be found here:



For further sales or support questions call us at:


Or visit our website:


Installation Troubleshooting




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