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Windows PowerMedia HMP

Dialogic® PowerMedia™ HMP for Windows

Media processing software for building innovative voice and native video solutions.

PowerMedia HMP 3.0 WindowsDialogic® PowerMedia™ HMP for Windows (HMP Windows) performs media processing tasks on general-purpose servers without requiring specialized hardware. The software provides media services for building flexible, scalable, and cost-effective next-generation IP media servers and converged telephony applications. Because it is implemented as a software-only product with a variety of media processing configurations, HMP Windows minimizes investment, development, deployment, and operational costs.

HMP Windows extends the capabilities of software-based IP media processing with security features that scale up to 5000 SIP signaling sessions or 2000 concurrent voice user sessions per system.

To help customers accelerate their time-to-market and migrate existing applications to IP, the software also supports three direct application programming interfaces (APIs): R4 for media processing, MM for Multimedia, and Global Call for call control. These APIs are consistent with DM3 architecture to enable quick development and migration to a platform using HMP Windows

HMP Installation Video:

Windows PowerMedia HMP