TeleVantage 7.50.4898 Update Release Notes

Copyright 2007, Vertical Communications, Inc.



This TeleVantage 7.50.4898 Update is cumulative and contains every fix or enhancement made since TeleVantage 7.50.4817.


I.          Installation Instructions

II.          Issues fixed in TeleVantage 7.50.4898

III.         Previous Issues fixed in TeleVantage 7.50.4880

IV.        Previous Issues fixed in TeleVantage 7.50.4860

V.                  Installation and Setup Troubleshooting

VI.        Known Issues


I.                   Installation Instructions


Requirements for TeleVantage 7.50.4898


Installing TeleVantage 7.50.4898

If you encounter problems, please read the installation troubleshooting section below

1.   Extract the contents of the zip file to your TeleVantage 7.50.x Server's hard drive. Do not run any of the extracted files yet.

2.    Pick a time when you can shut your phone system down, and recover if needed (for example, after hours or on a weekend.)

3.    From the TeleVantage Administrator, select Tools > Shutdown Server and select Stop TeleVantage Server and Intel Dialogic Drivers.

4.   Back up your complete TeleVantage 7.50.x system, including your database and voice files. The upgrade is one way, and can not be uninstalled, so to recover to 7.50.x you will need to restore the entire PC image to the same TeleVantage build you were running previously. For instructions on backing up your database and voice files, see Administering TeleVantage, Chapter 12.

5.    Exit or stop all TeleVantage applications running on the Server PC including the TeleVantage Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Service, TeleVantage Conference Manager service and Enterprise Manager. You do not need to stop SQL services.

6.   If you will be installing TeleVantage 7.50.4898 on a Windows 2003 Server from a remote location, for example using Remote Desktop, you must first perform the following steps on the Windows 2003 Server, otherwise skip to step 7. Choose Start > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration > Server Settings, and set Delete temporary folders on exit to "No."  After TeleVantage 7.50.4898 installs successfully (e.g. you complete step 7), you should restore this setting to its original value.

7.  Run the file autorun.exe from the zip file you extracted in step 1. Select TeleVantage Server from the autorun menu, and follow the on-screen instructions.   

8.   Restart the TeleVantage Server computer even if you are not prompted to do so.   

9.   Update your TeleVantage Server's workstation applications by choosing Programs > Vertical TeleVantage> TeleVantage Workstation Setup.  Without this step, add-on applications such as the Conference Manager may fail to work after the upgrade.  All TeleVantage workstation applications on your network will automatically upgrade the next time the TeleVantage Client or Administrator is started.

10.  If you are using TeleVantage Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Service, run SMDRsetup.exe, from the files you extracted in step 1.

11.  If you have TeleVantage Web Services installed on the TeleVantage Server, run autorun.exe again on the Server to update TeleVantage Web Services. To do so, select TeleVantage Services from the autorun menu, and follow the on-screen instructions.

12.  From the Start menu, choose Settings > Control Panel > Services, and then start the TeleVantage Server.

13.  If you have TeleVantage Web Services installed on a PC other than the TeleVantage Server, run autorun.exe on that PC to update TeleVantage Web Services. To do so, select TeleVantage Services from the autorun menu, and follow the on-screen instructions.

14.  If you are running TeleVantage Enterprise Manager, run the file autorun.exe from the zip file you extracted in step 1. Select TeleVantage Enterprise Manager from the autorun menu, and follow the on-screen instructions. For more information, see the TeleVantage Enterprise Manager Installation and Administrator’s Guide.


 II.                 Issues fixed in TeleVantage 7.50.4898



Issue #

ViewPoint / ViewPoint Web Access

ViewPoint could take as long as 70 seconds to launch when connecting to a TeleVantage Server that was configured with 2 Network Interface Cards


Call Rules did not respect a “Partial Day” schedule



An error could occur when an incoming caller selected a menu option on the AutoAttendant that transferred to a Workgroup



The security restriction “Hang up trunks after x failed login attempts” had a security hole that allowed a malicious hacker repeatedly try to login beyond x number of times.  This hole has been plugged.


A rare timing condition related to disconnecting a call could allow a malicious hacker to log in and place calls without the proper permission to do so


The format that TeleVantage used to send email notifications for new voice mail messages was not compatible with QMail


When an IP Gateway user was in Do Not Disturb, the routing list would ring the user’s phone instead of immediately going to the next action in the routing list.


Call Centers/ACD

When a queue caller hung up, an agent in handsfree mode would not be offered another call until 10 seconds of standby time elapsed


When an IVR plug-in transferred an incoming call to a queue, the ViewPoint Queue Monitor did not show the call as waiting in the queue



Standby time was not accurately reported in the Activity History by Agent report


The total number of calls on the Service Level report did not accurately reflect calls that were redirected


'Duration Signed In' Totals and Averages were not accurately reported on the Queue Performance Summary by Agent report



Exceptions could occur when a TeleVantage SIP Server configured to use DNS SRV tried to register with a few SIP Providers


TeleVantage did not ignore + signs when doing incoming SIP call DID matching


TeleVantage Enterprise Manager (installed and licensed separately)

An exception could occur when switching views after sorting a column in either the Enterprise Manager administrator’s Remote Extensions or Local Extensions views



 III.                 Previous Issues fixed in TeleVantage 7.50.4880



Issue #

ViewPoint / ViewPoint Web Access

Basic support for Windows Vista – you will still need to Run ViewPoint and the ViewPoint installer “As Administrator”



A database error sometimes occurred when trying to change station IDs using Tools->Adjust Station IDs


Call Centers/ACD

Occasionally incoming calls to a queue configured for simultaneous ring would not ring all available agents


Occasionally the queue name in the TeleVantage queue logs was displayed with random characters


Incoming queue calls flagged as high priority were incorrectly being handled at a lower priority when the call was offered to an available agent.


If an agent had call waiting enabled and a personal status set to Available Queue Only and received a queue call transferred from another agent, the call was incorrectly sent to voice mail.


Last Agent Routing did not properly distribute calls when Caller ID normalization is enabled for international calls.



The User Call Trend report did not run due to a database timeout error.


The Trunk Usage report gave incorrect data when run for the Periods 'This Year' and 'Custom Data Range' with an Interval value of 'By Week'.



Sometimes after upgrading from TV 5.x or TV 6.x, pressing *0 on a user’s phone resulted in the message "This telephone does not have an extension" even though a user was configured for that extension.



Sometimes an unexpected Dialogic error causes H.323 trunks to crash



An exception could occur when TeleVantage received an SIP INVITE that included T.38 fax.


On the Aastra 480i phone with multiple lines enabled, when two incoming calls were received simultaneously, if the second line appearance was answered first, the call on the first line appearance was disconnected.


TeleVantage SIP trunks could occasionally crash when a SUBSCRIBE request was received from an Eyebeam Xlite softphone


While waiting for a new outbound call to connect, users could occasionally hear a few seconds of conversation from another active call or Auto Attendant.


TeleVantage Enterprise Manager (installed and licensed separately)

The following TeleVantage Enterprise Manager registry setting is now set by default to 300000 to ensure the best user replication performance:

HKLM\Software\Artisoft\TeleVantage\Enterprise Manager\
PendingAsyncCallTimeout = 300000




IV.                 Previous Issues fixed in TeleVantage 7.50.4860



Issue #

ViewPoint / ViewPoint Web Access

ViewPoint icon color and resolution displayed incorrectly on PCs running Windows NT.


Some calls in the ViewPoint Call Monitor incorrectly showed ‘Active’ while ringing when Queue or Agent call recording was used.



Error 0 occurred when logging on to ViewPoint on a PC using the EyeBeam SoftPhone versions or higher.


Call Centers/ACD

Due to an intermittent timing-related problem, when an incoming queue call was transferred from one queue to another, the Wait Time statistic in the Queue Monitor was not reset and did not increment to show the wait time in the 2nd queue.


TeleVantage Enterprise Manager (installed and licensed separately)

To improve Enterprise Manager performance during user replication with more than 600 local users on a single system, do the following:

§         Make sure that the User replication pause setting in the Enterprise Manager Administrator (located on the Performance tab in the Member Properties dialog box) is at least 30 seconds (the default value.)

§         Add the following TeleVantage registry setting. (For instructions, see Appendix J in Installing TeleVantage.)

HKLM\Software\Artisoft\TeleVantage\Enterprise Manager\
PendingAsyncCallTimeout = 300000

Restart the TeleVantage Server and Enterprise Manager for the new registry setting to take effect.



V.          Installation and Setup Troubleshooting



Issue #

If the TeleVantage Server does not appear in the Services list, open a command prompt on the TeleVantage Server, enter the following commands and then repeat step 10 of the installation instructions.

CD \Program Files\TeleVantage Server
tvserver.exe /service


The Autorun menu included with this version does not have working links for “View Readme” and the “Microsoft Data Engine” since the update release does not include those components from the CD.  If you need to use these components, refer to your TeleVantage 7.5 Master CD.




VI.          Known Issues



Issue #

The TAPI Service Provider and Contact Manager Assistant do not work with Windows Vista


There may be issues running TeleVantage Reports in Windows Vista when using Office 2007 – earlier versions of Microsoft Office are fine.  Technical Support was investigating further at the time of this writing.