TeleVantage® 7.50.4817

TeleVantage Master CD Readme

© 2006, Vertical Communications, Inc.

Congratulations on purchasing TeleVantage, Vertical’s award winning intelligent phone system!

There are three CDs provided with TeleVantage:

·         TeleVantage Master CD (this CD)
·         TeleVantage Intel Dialogic CD
·         TeleVantage Intel HMP CD

The contents of the TeleVantage Master CD are listed below. Please follow the instructions in Installing TeleVantage and Administering TeleVantage to install and configure TeleVantage.

CD directories and contents


TeleVantage Master Setup, used to install many of the components on this CD. For more information on the Master Setup, see Installing TeleVantage.


This HTML file.


HTML file describing new features in this version of TeleVantage.


TeleVantage Server installation program, launched by autorun.exe.

TeleVantage Services installation program, launched by autorun.exe. Installs TeleVantage Web Services, TeleVantage Multi-line TAPI Service Provider, and TeleVantage Recording Archive Service.

TeleVantage Robbed Bit T1 Experimenter installation program (tvrbt1.exe.)

TeleVantage Software Development Kit installation program, launched by autorun.exe.


TeleVantage Enterprise Manager installation program, launched by autorun.exe.


VoIP phone configuration files for Aastra SIP Phones, Polycom H.323 phones, and Uniden H.323 phones.


Microsoft Data Engine 2000 SP3a installation program, launched by autorun.exe.


TeleVantage Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Service installation program (setup.exe.)


Royalty-free music-on-hold VOX files.


Vendor-specific files for localization and branding.


Special-purpose utilities and troubleshooting tools.


Rainbow Technologies Inc. Sentinel System Driver installation program (required if you lock your TeleVantage licenses to a dongle.)


Adobe Acrobat Reader software used to view and print the TeleVantage manuals.


Acrobat versions of the TeleVantage manuals:

tvadmin.pdfAdministering TeleVantage

tvclient.pdfUsing TeleVantage

tvinstal.pdfInstalling TeleVantage

Intelinstal.pdfInstalling Intel Telephony Components

ccadmin.pdfTeleVantage Call Center Administrator’s Guide

tvsdk.pdfTeleVantage Developer’s Guide

tvquickstart.pdfTeleVantage QuickStart

tvwalletcard.pdfTeleVantage Wallet Card

TVEM.pdfTeleVantage Enterprise Manager Installation & Administrator Guide.


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