With the advent of advanced technologies like Internet of things, security of data in sensitive sectors like the healthcare industry has turned questionable. In order to keep up with the increasing security demands, hospital and healthcare institutions are embracing the FoIP platform and other reliable products like the Brooktrout Fax Boards.

What is FoIP?

FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) uses the VoIP network to send and receive fax messages. FoIP required T38-enabled fax machine and the relevant software. FoIP has been widely adopted by healthcare professionals for the following reasons.

Enhanced data security and compliance

Personal details and confidential medical information are prevalent in the healthcare industry that is bound by strict regulatory and compliance measures. FoIP supports these strict standards by offering a secure way of communicating between medical professionals when compared to email communication that is highly prone to phishing activities. When a message is sent through FoIP, it is transmitted over the Internet and on reaching the destination it resides in the dedicated server of the hospital. The messages are then encrypted using suitable techniques and only the intended receiver of the message who holds the decryption key can access that information.

Offers a greater level of convenience

Fax sent over the Internet is certainly more convenient than the legacy fax systems. FoIP enable quicker, safer and easier sharing of documents by linking email addresses to their fax accounts. The documents can be viewed across mobile platforms while on the go, thus allowing the busiest medical professionals to stay updated and deliver their insights while working from any remote location.

FoIP is eco-friendly too

The global consumption of paper has increased with every passing year and a significant chunk has been contributed by the healthcare industry too. Since FoIP systems allow email-based accessing of information from any location, there is no need to print out the document and increase paper usage. Older messages (both sent and received ones) are archived and medical practitioners can gain easy access to them in no time.

A study by BitSight Technologies has revealed that cyber security is highly compromised in healthcare industry and yet solutions formulated to tackle the problem take the longest time to respond. By implementing FoIP and investing in Brooktrout Fax Boards, healthcare institutions and medical service providers are in a better position to avoid security threats.