The fax technology is not obsolete yet! With its smarter siblings like FoIP finding their unique uses across industries, the fax technology continues to rule a niche group of business circle.

In a world of e-everything, fax machines that offer hard copies of key documents are still valued for their privacy. Read on to find out other reasons that talk in favor of fax in various industries.


The healthcare industry carries heap loads of confidential information in the form of patient records as well as financial information. More and more healthcare organizations are investing in Brooktrout Fax Boards to protect this critical information and keep up with all the relevant mandates too. Apart from allowing secure automation of document handling, these devices are compliant with a number of regulations like the HIPPA, Accountability Act and Healthcare insurance portability. By using IP-enabled fax services, healthcare institutions allow safer transfer of patient-critical information between doctors, clinics and larger hospitals that also get to enjoy the convenience of the new technology.


Banking has moved from a more physical to a digital form today, thus pushing the need for better security.

Physically protection of banks must be complemented with the right cyber security measures to ensure a more comprehensive approach to the business model. Emails that contain highly crucial customer information can be easily subjected to breaches, thus demanding the removal of such vulnerable spots. Fax in the banking sector allows better protection of financial records and also enhances the productivity of employees by taking care of the safety factor automatically.


Like the other two industries, legal firms also deal with information that is highly confidential. Emails in this sector are prone to phishing attacks which can ultimately result in the loss of money as well as impact the reputation of the law firm. Some perpetrators also misuse the services of a law firm to wire funds to bank accounts overseas after promising a cut for their services. Checks and related documents look so authentic that most legal firms fall prey to such con calls. These reasons make fax over IP an essential solution for the legal industry.

In general, organizations from any sector tend to enjoy better security of operations by investing in Brooktrout Fax Boards . Enterprise communication and collaboration can be used to build a competitive advantage without worrying about the potential threats.