The best high quality natural microsystems provide conveniences for consumer electronics and appliances and efficiencies in commercial applications. The evolution of microsystems has grown in abundance and is sought after by industries supporting consumer and commercial applications. Mini microsystems are used in the computer systems to provide automation and efficiencies for businesses to replicate functions. This replication of functions allows for the elimination of labor costs and to increase consistent efficiency in an action. This has helped the development of even greater mass production at a much higher scale than before. Today's consumer electronics are loaded with microsystems, such as in the cars that people drive and the smart phones that they carry. So, many microsystems exist in consumers’ life that they are not aware of.

Today's high quality natural microsystems are used to make consumers more comfortable and feel good about the products that they buy. Today's consumers have evolved to an understanding of smart devices and smart appliances that interconnect with other devices. The evolution of the Internet has given birth to Wi-Fi Bluetooth that allows for inter-connectivity of high quality natural microsystems.

Consumers have accepted being in a connected world using devices and gadgets. The most popular one is the mobile device that serves as a foundation to other devices that operate in a similar manner such as the electronics in a car and the general function of a tablet computer. A primary example of this evolution is the smartwatch or wearable technology that is connected to a mobile device and serves as a cell phone or portal of information.

The high quality natural microsystems are used in a variety of industries. For example, circuit boards that use microsystems are found in ACD Systems for call centers for responding to multimedia messages such as video and pictures. Other examples of high quality natural microsystems include the network connectivity of servers and computers using a microsystem with smart capabilities to ensure accurate and efficient connectivity. Larger networks require the throttling and channeling of information using the capability of a high quality natural microsystem. The purpose of these microsystems is to provide the self-monitoring and evaluation to ensure system operation is continuous and normal. For example, if there is a power flux, the system automatically corrects itself.

Many businesses rely on the successful implementation of quality natural microsystems that are used in their commercial consumer appliances and devices. The microsystems are self-monitoring and support basic decision making that automates functions. The action performed by a microsystem is the result of multiple actions to create a more complex action that was normally left to people. Due to the benefits of high quality natural microsystems, devices can be created to simplify and automate functions that were previously performed by people. The result is processing that is faster and more accurate. This is a method of reducing manufacturing and distribution costs.