VOIP-based Vertical Phones are a powerful business tool that can satisfy the modern communication needs of an organization and can also be integrated with other significant business applications like the customer relationship management (CRM) system. From streamlined communication to better customer rapport, the benefits of VOIP-CRM integration are plenty.

Read on to learn some tips to derive the best out of the CRM-VOIP link.

The screen pop-up feature of the CRM adds more value to client calls

The screen pop-up feature in the CRM is a significant factor which helps the user to grab the customer details even before attending the phone. This allows the conversation to get right to the point, thus saving a lot of time. Not all CRM interfaces have this feature and it is best to choose the one with the screen pop-up when dealing with an environment of large volumes of calls. Apart from this, the CRM must also support call logging, recording and so on through the relevant APIs.

Use CRM systems with an intuitive API

A good application programming interface (API) that assists in VOIP integration by supporting Webhooks must be considered while choosing the CRM system. The intuitive API easily pushes the HTTP POSTS (push notifications) and establishes better control over the system. Two-way communication is enabled and leads can be inserted directly through to the database of the CRM.

Interface customization must be enabled

When the CRM system supports interface customization and the interface supports HTTP web actions, users will be able to add new fields or alter them while using the phone system.

Allow the workflow of the CRM to talk to the API of the VOIP

Automating the workflow feature of the CRM system increases operational efficiency and this must be triggered through the API of the VOIP system.

Keep transactions to the minimum

If planning to integrate the CRM with the IP phone system in an organization, ensure the telephones are obtained directly from the manufacturer or the manufacturer and supplier unit. This allows easy access to integration advice and guidance and keeps costs low too.

A study revealed that the use of a CRM system in an organization can enhance productivity by almost 35%. This number is bound to increase when the VOIP- based Vertical Phones join the battalion to fight the modern challenges of the competitive business landscape.