Firms across industries have transitioned to a better telecommunication system that is leveraging their competitiveness and business agility. The Vertical IP Phone System loaded with advanced technical features is empowering enterprises with cutting-edge tools and compelling benefits, enabling them to become next level players.

Here are 5 critical reasons for firms to adopt Vertical IP Phone system.

Mobility: Cutting Down Unwanted Costs

With companies striving for cost effective communication systems and mobility, Vertical IP Phone System is proving highly beneficial. The business owners and staff can attend all important business calls routed to their cell phones irrespective of their location, without incurring any additional cost for this added benefit.

Remote Connectivity: More Flexibility

This incredible feature allows the user to connect to the system and access the Internet to make calls, send text messages, and listen to voice mails, without being present at their desk. Also, the user’s phone does not have to be connected to the main network within his office, in order to make and receive calls.

Voice Mail to Email: Boost Productivity

Using this feature, professionals can return calls much faster, boosting productivity across workforce. The system can be configured to forward incoming voice mail to an email account facilitating the individual to answer promptly.

Advanced Features: Efficient Workflow System

Business enterprises integrating Vertical IP phone system, are streamlining their workflow systems through more efficient and user-friendly business phone features, apps and plugins. The enhanced workflow efficiency is enabling companies to increase their bottom line and expand their business.

The Right System: Excellent Customer Service

Having configured the right system, companies are providing excellent customer service by avoiding dropped calls, and being put on terminal hold while redirecting calls. Even small enterprises are offering better customer service by connecting the phone system to their cell phones.

The dynamics of the changing global business landscape have triggered a paradigm shift in the global communication system, leading to adoption of evolved communication system by the companies.

Living in a global business environment with employees based out of their office, coupled with vendors across the globe; Vertical IP Phone System is an apt telecommunication system for companies. It enables owners to stay in touch with their stakeholders while enhancing productivity and promoting sustainable communication system.