The elementary concerns revolving around network break-ins, privacy infringement or any kind of malicious attack on your network impacting your fax data, are nullified by Brooktrout Fax Boards.

It’s time to consider 5 compelling security benefits of Brooktrout Fax Boards for your business.

100% Network Security

You can prevent a potential malicious network attack by a hacker, virus or worm by virus protection software.

However, if the virus invades your software, then “fax only” T.30 protocol used by a Brooktrout TR1034 will immediately recognize that it’s a non T.4/T.6 or T.30/T.38 packet and drop it. If your company doesn’t have a malicious code, then the malicious packets will be discarded, if they attempt to pass through the Brooktrout Fax Board.

Zero Privacy Infringement

In case, your fax is intercepted in transit and read by someone other than the designated recipient or fax machine, it involves privacy infringement. A Brooktrout TR1034 that is IP enabled is risk proof, because the IP portion of the fax traffic is contained within a properly configured and secure enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN).

Assured Content Security

If your fax content is intercepted and altered, then it involves content attack. In IP mode, the fax would travel over IP only over the enterprise WAN with overall protection maximized by privacy risk proof Brooktrout Fax Board. Even within the company, a hacker would need complex software tools to decode the fax image, T.30 protocol and ASN.1 which underpins T.38. It would pose a formidable challenge to decode, change and re-encode T.38 packet content in real time before the session ends due to timeouts.

100% Safe Migration

If you consider migrating to IP fax, Brooktrout Fax Boards will definitely facilitate you to complete a safe migration. With support for both TDM and IP, you can choose from various models of Brooktrout Fax Boards that provide a safe migration path from traditional fax to IP fax.

Eliminating Hardware Failure

You have multiple Brooktrout variants to choose from, that will provide you the flexibility to move all your fax traffic to IP network eliminating the possibility of a hardware failure.

Brooktrout Fax Boards offer intelligent fax technology that supports corporate networks in various stages of transition, ranging from purely TDM, to hybrid, to pure VoIP networks ensuring highly optimized performance, reliability, and scalability.