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About Us

Polycom HDX Series Video Conferencing SolutionSince 1991, True Data Technology has provided sales and service to businesses nationwide of advanced communications solutions that help your business to be more efficient and increase customer retention. As the years have progressed, so have the solutions that we offer.

Today, we specialize in:

  • Advanced business phone systems with “mobility” features to help your out-of-the-office presence and in-office ability to rid yourselves of desk phones.
  • TelePresence which is good to exceptional quality point-to-point video so your business can effectively collaborate with other offices and other businesses without wasting time and money having your employees drive and fly all over the country, and lastly we provide a range of solutions for the TDM & VoIP hardware.
  • Conversion and endpoints for lots of different communications platforms. Dialogic, Brooktrout, Ruckus Wireless, Vertical Wave and Audiocodes all provide hardware and software specific to thousands of software packages and service providers in Phone Systems, Fax, VoIP Gateways, Wireless Phones, Auto-Dialers & more.

Dialogic Voice Boards

We also know that with each one of these products or solutions, you can buy them from numerous vendors and we thank you for shopping with True DataOnline.



Your advantages in shopping with True Data are threefold:

  • We actually have stock on products. We are not just an “e-fulfillment-house” like so many online companies.
  • Most importantly, our sales and support staff are trained to service what we sell with presales questions and handling an RMA for you should the product have a problem. If you call needing a part for your product or an accessory, the salesperson you speak to will actually know what you’re talking about. That’s something you can’t get from a big-box reseller that carries twelve hundred different brands.
  • We offer Free Ground Shipping on every item